CUPE Local 2484

October Membership meeting 2012

OCTOBER 17, 2012  

Members Present: Laura Silva, WEPDC;  Andrene Malcolm, Tumpane;  Janet Teibo, WEPDC;  Vicki Smith, Progress;  Shaku Kesavan, Progress;  Ruth Nurse, Fraser;  Kathy Sliwa, Junction;  Katherine Henderson, Junction;  Tammy Bair, UTM;  Dawna Thomas, Uof T;  Rasheeda Wilson, Fern;  Marsha  Duncan, Pineway;  Enza Scialfa-Fortini, Brookhaven;  Maria Courakos, Brookhaven.   

Equality Statement and Agenda read by Dawna.

Recording Secretary: 
September minutes distributed.  Motion to approve June minutes – M/S – Katherine/Ruth.  Carried.

Laura working on email group for e packages of mailings.  Also working on Calendar of events and workplan to hopefully go out with next mailing.  Annual report will be distributed at CCW dinner.

President’s Report:
Executive are working on Executive manuals and what our roles are.

Dawna reported on staff rep turnover complaint.  Still ongoing and not much movement, we’re still awaiting response.  Dawna also to follow up on whether staff rep needs to be present for conciliation meetings.  She will contact Karen McNama for the information.

Government trying to freeze wages and take away bargaining rights.  2 meetings coming up: Leadership meeting tomorrow and Coordinating committee on November 2 for university workers.  UofT staff to be affected.

Junction is in bargaining.  Progress contract ends this December.  Fern going into conciliation.

Advocacy Report:
Rasheeda working on Annual Report blurb and seating plan for the dinner.

Members are being asked to write to your Board of Directors and ask about Full Day Kindergarten in your centres and the impact it will have on your centre.

Diversity Report:
Marsha is working on loot bags for dinner.  She is also looking to attend Pay Equity and Diversity workshops.

Question from the floor: why is the dinner being held at the same location?
Whistler’s is the most cost effective for the space needed.  Family style service this year.

Treasurer’s Report:
Tammy contacted Revenue Canada re: money owed to us for overpayment.  They lost the report that Tammy mailed and are asking to have us re-fax all documents.

Tammy distributed August and September statements.  

We have a new office.  We rented a basement of a house that has adequate storage space.  Location is 15 Rusholme Road.  Rent is $700 a month.  Office will be used for all future meetings and storage.  Janet will work out of the office as well.  Motion to approve new office and rent of $700/month.  M/S – Tammy/Kathy.  Carried.
Aug report - Tammy paid back the levy and paid another $5,000 to the loan.
Motion to approve August report – M/S – Tammy/Rasheeda.  Carried.

Sept report – We affiliated with the Toronto District Labour Council.  Fees are $423 every 3 months.  Trustee audits payments paid, TCBCC affiliation & $300 donation.  Final loan payment made for $1,642.44.  Motion to approve September report – M/S – Tammy/Katherine.  Carried.

Trustee Report:
Trustees reported on Audit for July to December 2011revised.  CUPE corrected errors made.
Audit reported for January to June 2012 and recommendations were read.

Motion to accept recommendation that the Executive submit any outstanding hours until June 30, 2012 and not to be paid unless submitted by the end of this meeting.  
M/S – Kathy/Katherine.  Carried with 1 absention.

Motion for Executive to submit work hours within 30 days of the previous month or not get paid.  (ie – September hours due by October 30)
Ammendment:  motion for July and August  hours to be submitted by October 30 to be paid.  M/S – Katherine/Janet.  Carried.

Health and Safety report:
Janet and Teresa reported on the Health and Safety conference.  Teresa took Women and Work Hazard Workshop and has documents to share with members.  2nd workshop was Health in the Workplace.  

Janet took Environmental Hazards and participated in asbestos in workplace caucus.  2nd workshop Revitalizing Health and Safety Committee.  Janet will meet with the Executive on how to engage members to look at H&S seriously.

Member Outreach report:
Teresa will hand out coupons for the first 30 people that come to the Dinner.  Handing out swag as well.

Facebook and Twitter busy.

Teresa will work on Steward binders.  She is waiting on new member kits and working on the slide show and video for the dinner.

Local Coordinator report:
FDL – Janet met with Brookhaven and Consultant to discuss the impact of FDL already in place.  They’re projecting a large defecit at the end of the year.

Province has released $200 million to the city.  Deadline is December 31 to distribute money.  Consultants are calling daycares to tell Directors to apply for funding by November 2nd.  You can request money for any loss of funding for FDL from September 2011 to present.  Hot lunch provision has also been included for this grant.
City may also look at daycare mergers in the future.

Tammy will call daycares to find out who doesn’t have H&S reps.  She will consult with and attend meetings to elect reps where there are none.  Reps or committees are mandatory in the workplace.

Meeting adjourned 8:59 pm.  

Next meeting:  Wednesday, November 21, 2012
                          *NEW OFFICE*  - 15 RUSHOLME ROAD *See map attached*